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  • Every time you create a Joomla site, you likely go through the same initial process: you determine menu items and navigation, you create categories for those items, and then you draft each item and page. This process is simple, it works, and it gets the content you want on the site.

    But as you make the transition to Inbound Marketing via your website, you'll need to think a little differently about the process of creating (or updating) a site. Check out this infographic to better understand the anatomy of an Inbound website. 

  • Interested in the world of marketing automation?

    This awesome infographic from Capgemini Consulting has some pretty eye-opening figures about how much marketers are investing in Inbound, what it's accomplishing, and more!

  • By now, you know that marketing automation has the power to skyrocket your lead conversions and transform your sales cycle.

    While the benefits of Inbound marketing automation are vast, there's one big thing holding a lot of companies back from implementing it: where do we start?

    If you're interested in getting started with automation but unsure of how to prepare your team and process, check out this infographic from Sparksight:

  • There's a reason we talk a lot about blogging here on it is very efficitve at attracting the type of people you are targetting.

    But as an online marketer, it's sometimes the hardest thing to make time for and writer's block is all too common.

    So if you've ever struggled with ideas for your blog, check out this excellent blogging infographic we stumbled across over at Digital Marketer.