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  • Pop quiz: what compliments your blogs, triggers your lead nurturing campaign, informs your audience, AND positions you as an authority in your space?

    If you said content, you're right! With how essential content is to Inbound success, it's unfortunate that so many marketers struggle to come up with quality topics. 

    If that sounds like you, don't despair. We've compiled a list of go-to resources for uncovering the subjects your audience cares about, and you'll have no problem writing about:

  • The thought of blogging can sometimes just make us cringe. What do I write about? Where do I begin? Why do I have to do this again? Why can't my brain focus today? Is it time to eat my lunch yet?

    You may even end up wasting time just staring at the blank document wondering, how does everyone else do this all the time? How are they always coming up with fresh ideas to blog about?

  • Having a website is one thing. Having a good website is something different. And then there's actually having a successful website.

    Having a successful Joomla website takes more than just getting putting your products and services in a nice structure and layout. While structure and a clean layout are key components, there are a few other things to consider when wanting to make your site more successful.

  • If you're reading this, you probably understand that great quality content is now an extremely important part of any marketing strategy. However, simply writing content to have content is not the smartest strategy.

    There is a "rhyme and reason" to what topics to write about. In this blog, we will take a look at what factors you need to consider when developing your content strategy to help drive lead conversion.

  • One big challenge facing marketers is developing a successful content marketing strategy for their blogs and content downloads on their Joomla website. However, having a solid content marketing strategy is key to ensure that you're driving the right kinds of people to your site and nurturing them down the funnel.

    In today's blog you will learn how to develop a killer content marketing strategy for your Joomla site in order to maximize your contents impact.

  • Inbound marketing is a revolutionary way to market a business.

    The best part about inbound marketing is that it's effects can be exponential.

    The more time and energy spent on marketing should be considered money spent. If you want more inbound leads (who doesn't?) - this is what you must do.

  • As a marketer, or even a small business owner (in that case you probably play the role of the marketer too) it can be a little overwhelming when deciding which social networks you need to be active on.

    So, stop stressing out and repeatedly asking yourself these dreaded questions - Do I need to be on every single social network out there? Is having a presence on all of them that valuable? Do I have enough time for all of this?

    Let's talk about where you should start.

  • If you're planning to invest in Inbound Marketing, there's something you need to know.

    It's not a popular thing for an Inbound marketer to say, and it's not the most motivational thing you'll hear today, but it's important.

    Are you ready? OK.

  • Are you a Joomla developer turned agency owner looking to set your business apart?

    Read on to learn about the #1 secret ingredient that your agency's strategy needs to try out -  today!

  • Did you know there are over 200 recognized social media sites on the internet? With a list that long, it can be hard to determine where your company's social media participation should take place.

    Although some argue for the value of having as many social profiles as possible, the conventional wisdom of quality over quality holds true in the discussion of branded social media. 

    Rather than attempting to have a strong presence everywhere, it's advisable to participate on a select group of networks that will yield the most return for our efforts.

    When we accept that we should focus on a handful sites rather than the whole spectrum, a second question arises. How do we pick the best ones?

  • You've heard it a thousand times: you can't do Inbound Marketing without a blog.

    But you may be wondering - how does all of that writing translate to an actual boost in your revenue? I've got the answer for you, and I'm also here to provide you with a checklist to take blogging from an annoying task to an invaluable medium for driving sales.

    For many, blogging seems like a poor use of a lot of time. By the time you think up a topic, research it, write a post, and promote it, you're looking at 2+ hours invested. And I'll admit it - those naysayers are right.

    If you're blogging without a purpose, and if you're not optimizing your blog's structure for lead nurturing, your time will likely be wasted (in terms of tangible ROI). Fortunately, that doesn't have to be the case.

  • So you're beginning to put together a killer inbound marketing campaign. What are the first questions you start asking yourself? Is it about the goals of the campaign, the nitty gritty details, the budget, the deadline?

    While those questions all need to be answered, the best place to begin is asking yourself who do you want this killer inbound marketing campaign to reach? You can create amazing content all day, every day, but if you don't know who you want to be seeing and reading it, the battle could already be lost. By targeting everyone, you could essentially be reaching no one. No bueno. Therefore I give you, the buyer persona in inbound marketing.

  • Buyer personas: you hear about them everywhere in the Inbound world. From strategy development to lead nurturing to advocacy, buyer personas are constantly credited as the heart of Inbound marketing tactics. But what is a buyer persona, really? And how do you create one?