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  • As a business owner, you recognize how important a solid marketing plan is to the bottom line of your business.

    Get it wrong, and you could quickly find yourself out of business.

    For this reason, forward thinking business owners are adding inbound marketing to their promotional efforts.

  • One very common goal I hear from marketers is that they want to drive more traffic to their website. There are many ways you can accomplish this from SEO to PPC, however, one of the most effective strategies is blogging and content creation.

    In this blog we are going to cover some tips and tricks to establish a strong blog and grow website traffic.

  • Did you know there are over 200 recognized social media sites on the internet? With a list that long, it can be hard to determine where your company's social media participation should take place.

    Although some argue for the value of having as many social profiles as possible, the conventional wisdom of quality over quality holds true in the discussion of branded social media. 

    Rather than attempting to have a strong presence everywhere, it's advisable to participate on a select group of networks that will yield the most return for our efforts.

    When we accept that we should focus on a handful sites rather than the whole spectrum, a second question arises. How do we pick the best ones?

  • Think content is not king? Think again.

    Even though emerging technology and changing priorities ensure that the world of digital marketing is always in flux, there's one constant that can be relied upon: Good content is always required.