4 Video Tweaks To Drive More Leads To Your Website

These days, video content has taken the lead as one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to your website. While this is true, it is important for the video to be nearly perfect if you hope to have success.

Here are four tweaks that can help you create videos that will increase the number of leads your website receives regularly.

Use The Right Keywords In Titles

Many people do not understand this key point, but video keywords are a bit different from those used for written content. People who search for videos tend to be a bit more precise when it comes to looking for what they want.

For example, while "small dogs" would be a useful query when searching for written content, someone who is looking for a video would probably use a term like "small dogs dancing." Being specific helps them narrow down their results better.

When you are trying to create titles that will attract attention, there is actually a simple and effective way to do this. Write a list of all the core keywords that would appeal to potential leads.

Type these words into the search box on the video site you are using and pay attention to the automated suggestions. Write these down and use them to create title that will draw people in.

Schedule Regular Videos That Fulfill Needs

Consistency is key when it comes to increasing the number of leads you have. If you create videos on an irregular basis, how will people know that they should be on the lookout for them? It is a good idea to determine a schedule you can stick with, so viewers will know what to expect.

Also, try to pinpoint specific customer needs and address each one in individual videos. Trying to cram too much information in one video can be messy and many people will be turned off.

Use Annotations

Have you ever watched a video where a box popped up with a call to action or some other information? This is called annotation and it can help you dramatically increase the number of leads you receive. The key is to make this information useful to the viewer; perhaps you can offer a discount or solicit feedback.

Never create annotations that last the duration of the video since this will be quite intrusive. Ideally, only one-fifth of the video length should include annotations. You should also avoid placing multiple messages across the screen at once since this could lead to information overload, which is never a positive thing.

Insert A Verbal Call To Action

Whether you believe it or not, some people are more likely to respond to a call to action if it is verbal rather than written. You should make sure to include one in each video you make. Even if you have added annotations, you should still add this.

For best results, you should use verbal instructions to convince users to click the annotation. If you provide people with enough incentive to click the link and follow through with an action, you will be able to increase your leads more than you could have ever imagined.

As you can tell, it is not very difficult to increase the number of leads your business receives on a regular basis. If you use all of these ideas the next time you are creating a video, there is no question that you will increase the amount of traffic to your site, which means that you will be making more sales than you could have ever thought possible.