What Will Landing Pages Look Like Next Year?

Few industries move as quickly as online marketing, and that makes it important to stay on top of new developments.

Peeking into the crystal ball and deciding what the future of the field looks like isn't easy, but here are some pretty solid ideas about the future of landing pages over the next twelve months.

Commitment To Quality Content

Professionals who study online marketing carefully are well aware of how important content is. This is why a lot of firms are positioning themselves as specialists in "content" marketing.

The next big hurdle is to convince clients that quality content is worth its cost. As marketers bring their persuasive powers to bear, more and more compelling content is going to show up on landing pages in the future.

Landing page content will become unique, and marketers are going to dedicate more attention to crafting it. The landing page is a crucial stage in the sales process, and the exact words and phrases used to interact with the potential customer make a huge impact on the success or failure of the sales proposition.

Multiple Approaches - Beyond "Slap A Video On It"

"Take advantage of multimedia" is another well-worn chestnut of online marketing advice. In the next year, landing pages will start doing exactly that, but not in the usual way of embedding a pre-made sales video into the page.

Forward-looking marketers are exploring newer, more compelling options, including infographics, podcasts, and interactive communications like webinars.

Streamlined Design

From a graphic design standpoint, most marketers expect to see landing pages become cleaner and more focused in the future. While content needs to be top-notch, there doesn't necessarily need to be bushels of it on the landing page.

Every element of the future landing page is carefully chosen for maximum impact, and all the different parts of the design should be focused on persuading visitors toward the call to action.

Extensive Testing

Marketers are already using A/B testing (running two landing pages with a single difference between them) to determine which elements garner the most positive responses. This trend should continue in the future, allowing professionals to build up extensive libraries of landing page elements with a proven track record. This is important, because ...

A Page For Every Persona

The biggest change coming to the landing page business in the next twelve months is multiplication. Good marketers can target more than one "ideal customer" persona, and in the future they'll use their well-tested content to construct individual landing pages tailored to each of the personas they're pursuing.

Marketing is most effective when it's consistent, and using multiple, tailored landing pages is going to deliver better results than funneling every customer to the same generic page.

The future of the humble landing page is looking exciting! Over the next twelve months, marketers will be able to increase the effectiveness of the individual parts that make up the page and combine them in a number of different ways to cater to different groups. By casting many nets - all of them effective - landing page creators will be able to catch more leads next year.