AcyMailing Integration

The jInbound AcyMailing Integration plugin provides the ability to manage Leads' enrollment in AcyMailing lists.


The AcyMailing Plugin installs like any other Joomla Plugin

  1. Download the latest version of the plugin
  2. Copy the download ID from the right column, you'll need it later
  3. Log into the Joomla! Administrator and select Extensions - Extension Manager
  4. In the Upload Package tab browse for the downloaded file and select Upload and Install

Configure the jInbound AcyMailing Plugin

All that is required is that you enable the plugin

  1. Select Extensions - Plugin Manager
  2. Search for jInbound and select the jInbound AcyMailing plugin
  3. Enter the Download ID found in the right column of the download area (this will authorize 1-click updates)
  4. Enable the plugin by setting the Status to Enabled and clicking Save

jinbound acymailing plugin settings

Managing AcyMailing Newsletters and jInbound Lead Nurturing Campaigns

AcyMailing newsletters and jInbound lead nurturing function completely independently.

In most cases either AcyMailing or jInbound campaigns are configured, but for special cases both may be used.

This means that you can run the AcyMailing and jInbound lead nurturing campaigns simultaneously, and you would need to be aware that the lead is added to two lists. The lead will need to unsubscribe from each campaign separately if required.

Managing AcyMailing Enrollment in Campaigns

If you do not have the required field, make sure you have enabled the plugin as instructed above.

  1. Select Extensions - jInbound - Campaign Manager
  2. Select a campaign with which you want to manage AcyMailing user lists
  3. Select the AcyMailing Tab
  4. Select the AcyMailing List(s) that the lead will be added to when they are enrolled in this campaign
  5. Select the AcyMailing List(s) that the lead will be removed from when they are converted in this campaign
  6. Save the Campaign

jinbound acymailing campaign settings