How to Update jInbound and Add-Ons

jInbound update is very simple, and it can be done in several ways. In order to use 1-Click Updates you must make sure to enter your Download ID first.

Adding your Download IDs

To be able to update jInbound using 1-click updates feature, first thing you need to do is:

  1. Login on jInbound website then navigate to My account > My subscriptions.
  2. On the right side under Download ID panel, copy your unique download ID key.
  3. Login on your website backend then navigate to Components > jInbound - Dashboard.
  4. Click on the top right corner on "Options" insert your download ID key you copied, inside "Download ID" field.
  5. Save your jInbound configuration.
  6. For any Add-Ons go to the Add-On in Extensions > Plugins and edit the plugin parameters (soon only the Download ID in jInbound Options will be required to authorize all Add-On updates)

Once the Download IDs are entered you will be able to use the 1-Click Update methods below


Update jInbound using 1-click updates from jInbound Dashboard


  1. Login on jInbound website then navigate to My account > My subscriptions.
  2. after you have provided your Download ID, when you navigate on your jInbound dashboard, if there's a new update available you should see a blue system message informing about a new update available on top of the dashboard:
  3. Click on "Click here" link and proceed with update process.
  4. Repeat for any available Add-On updates

Manual update jInbound and Add-Ons

To update manually, you just need to:

  • Log into the jInbound website.
  • Navigate to My account - My downloads.
  • Download latest jInbound or Add-On version from there.
  • Install downloaded package using Joomla! installer by going to your website backend at Extensions > Extensions Manager > Upload Package File.

Update jInbound using 1-click updates from the Joomla Extension Manager

jInbound complies with the Joomla 1-Click Updater, make sure that you have added your Download IDs as described above

Update jInbound using Watchful

jInbound complies with Watchful's update manager, make sure that you have entered your download ID to ensure that the update is authorized and you'll be able to use the Watchful Update Manager to remotely update jInbound and all Add-Ons.