jInbound 2.0.5 released with custom CSS support

Today we released a new version of jInbound — 2.0.5 — that supports custom CSS for styling landing pages. 

Along with the existing custom template editor, custom CSS support allows you to design and implement any landing page design. 

No extra plugins are required for this feature.

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Google Analytics plugin released

Today we released the third plugin for jInbound, Google Analytics.

Since jInbound uses it's own template engine, most sites using jInbound will not utilize Google Analytics set up on the main Joomla template. 

As an additional feature, you can place a different Gogole Analytics tracking code on each jInbound Landing page.

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New File Upload plugin released

Following yesterday's release announcement for the Captcha plugin, we are proud to announce the release of our second plugin, the File Upload add-on. 

Like Captcha, the File Upload add-on creates another field in the form editor.

When selected for your landing page form, end users can attach a file with their contact details. This is very useful for recruiters for example.

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Captcha plugin released for jInbound

Today we have made available our first plugin for jInbound: Captcha.

This plugin works with the Joomla Captcha-reCaptcha plugin and allows you to add a captcha field to your landing pages.

When selected for your landing page form, end users must successful complete the Captcha/reCaptcha to submit their details. 

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jInbound 2.0 BETA released with new user tracking, reporting and UI enhancements

Today we are pleased to announce that the new version of jInbound is now available.

Version 2.0 may not look that different on the surface, but underneath the hood we’ve made some dramatic changes.

User tracking

In the first version of jInbound, user tracking was limited in a number of ways that have been greatly improved on in version 2.

First, website visitors are tracked from the moment they first visit your site and not just after they complete a form on a landing page.

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jInbound Has Arrived!

We're thrilled to announce the day is finally here - jInbound is available for download! 

We've put together a video series to demonstrate what you'll get from jInbound, and how you can set it up.

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