AcyMailing plugin updated with opt-in support

Today we published new a release for the jInbound Acymailing plugin (version 1.0.2).

This release adds an important feature: the ability for leads to opt-in to the AcyMailing lists.   

Implicit permission granted

While most inbound marketers use landing page submission as implicit permission to add a lead to a short-term automated email campaign, it is sometimes desirable to add an opt-in step, especially for mailing lists which may be used indefinitely.

This is definitely true for jInbounders who also use AcyMailing and gave us a lot of feedback on this topic.

Thus, by popular demand, you can add an opt-in step when jInbound leads are synced to AcyMailing.

Full details can be found in our Help area.

Detailed list of changes

Other minor changes and bug-fixes in this version are summarized below. The full changelog is also available. 

jInbound Acymailing Plugin - Version 1.0.2

  • [new] Use opt-in settings from AcyMailing