Auto-populate fields with the latest jInbound release

Today we published new a release for jInbound (version 2.1.3).

This release fixes a number of bugs in the core and some plugins, but also include a new feature where custom URLs can be used to auto-populate the fields on a landing page.   

Auto-populating increases conversion rates

It's widely known that conversion rates drop as the number of fields increases. Based on this observation, we conclude that filling out form fields is not something people like to do  

To alleviate this, jInbound now allows you to pre-fill fields using custom URLs linking to your landing page. 

Just add custom parameters as illustrated below for example fields:


This works particularly well if you are driving traffic to your landing page from 3rd-party Joomla add-ons or other websites (perhaps a dedicated email provider) where the custom links can be generated with existing lead data.

Full details can be found in our Help area.

Detailed list of changes

Other minor changes and bug-fixes in this version are summarized below. The full changelog is also available. 

jInbound Version 2.1.3

  • [bug] URL not always recorded in tracks
  • [chg] Debug info display issues
  • [bug] Reports chart labels overlap
  • [bug] Broken plugin trigger for form build
  • [chg] Language Inconsistency - Change "Visits" to "Views"
  • [new] Set default field values in URL
  • [bug] Sorting leads by campaign error

jInbound Captcha Plugin - Version 1.0.3 — 2015-06-12

  • [chg] Add validation by type instead of name
  • [chg] Corrected file headers

jInbound Files Plugin - Version 1.0.4 — 2015-06-12

  • [chg] Extra debug info
  • [chg] Corrected file headers