Powerful reporting tools provide actionable data in jInbound 2.1.0

Today we released a new version 2.1.0 of jInbound.

This is a minor maintenance release with some important database changes. Thus, existing jInbound users will be prompted to migrate their database immediately following upgrade. 

Version 2.1.0 has two three new features that stand out from the rest:

1. Powerful Reporting

The reporting tools in jInbound have been extended.

Of course you can still create lead nurturing emails for your campaigns. But you can now also create email reports for the status of 1 or more campaigns. For example:

  • A weekly report sent to the Marketing Manager showing overall conversion rate across all campaigns and most popular landing pages.
  • A daily report sent to the sales department listing all new leads

These can be sent at regular intervals to your clents or web site owners so the appropriate actions can be taken.

Both lead nurturing emails and report emails are grouped under one menu item called Automated Emails.

Full details on automated email reports feature can be found in the Help area.

2. Reuseable Forms and Fields

Version 2.1.0 also includes reuseable forms and form fileds. By reusing these assets, you save time not having to create the samne fields over and over for each campaign. 

Of course you may want different versions of the same field — phone number for example — with different attributes. A common example would be the Required attribute.

The original form builder on the landing page editor has been moved to the forms section, and in it's place you now just select the pre-configured form.

If don't worry if you are upgrading from a previous version. All your existing fields and forms will be seamlessly migrated to the new system and properly associated with the correct landing pages.

A screenshot of the new forms manager is shown below. You can also check out the new documentation for forms and fields for complete information on using this new feature.

forms manager jinbound v2.1

3. AcyMailing synchronization

Last but not least, leads from your landing pages can now be added to your Acymailing mailing lists. 

We've published a separate announcement about that with full details.

Detailed list of changes

Other minor changes and bug-fixes in this version are summarized below. The full changelog is also available. 

  • [bug] Email preview html on Joomla! 2.5
  • [bug] Form validation broken on 2.5
  • [chg] Update the link regarding creating menu item for landing page
  • [bug] Deleting a lead from "Leads" it is still showed in reports
  • [bug] Category area has different icon than all other views
  • [bug] Objects in filters after AJAX requests are fired
  • [new] Extend Emails to include Reports Emails
  • [chg] Fix UI for Joomla 3.4
  • [chg] Change jinbound.com links to HTTPS
  • [bug] Cannot override predefined layouts
  • [chg] Replace logo on post-install screen ...
  • [chg] Rename icons on dashboard
  • [chg] Rename "conversion rate" and "conversion URL" to "goal completion" and "goal completion URL"
  • [new] Separate fields and forms from pages